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About Robert de Leeuw

Starting as a photographer, Robert studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He got his PhD in post-graduate medical e-learning at the beta-faculty of the VU University in Amsterdam. He is now a consulting gynaecologist in the Amsterdam University Hospital, specialised in minimal invasive, robotic and transgender surgery.

Medical Specializations

Robert is currently working at the Amsterdam UMC as a consulting gynaecologist.

He is specialized in:
cesarean scar defects (niche),
adenomyosis and

He performs minimally invasive, robot-assisted and transgender surgery for the Uterine Repair Center.

Research & Publications

Apart from clinical responsibilities he is also a researcher. His research has spanned two specific areas: digital education (eLearning) and studies concerning innovative clinical research in uterine disorders and eHealth.

On digital education, we have started with two reviews determining which outcomes are used in medical eLearning and which factors are mentioned as most relevant in the effectiveness of eLearning. We then tested those factors with focus group discussions and an international Delphi. Based on a final series of effectiveness factors, we formulated an eLearning development model and validated an instructional design survey. To get more insight into factors that influence the implementation we performed a thematic analysis. Finally, we performed a randomized controlled trial, evaluating face-to-face information provision with a digital variant.

Next to educational research, we have spanned a combination of quantitative and qualitative studies in benign gynaecology. I am currently learning three big randomized controlled clinical trials comparing a surgical technique with expective management for cesarean scar defects (niches). We have published several international Delphi’s on ultrasound techniques and definitions for adenomyosis, niches, and niche pregnancies

Robert has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers with an H-index of 11 in Januray 2022. You can find his publications here: Google Scholar profile.

Medical Educator

His educational efforts mainly focusses on digital skills education and researching important questions about the efficiency and place of eLearning and the ideal study outcomes in education. You can find some of his eLearnings on Elephant eLearning.


Robert is the co-owner and CEO of an ICT company IDEACT.

IDEACT aims to support and advance medical research through ICT. So much time is spent in methods and statistics, so little time is spent in logistics. How do you get the best follow-up from as many participants as possible, with as little effort from the principal investigator as possible. We try to achieve this through several IT products such as:

Research Survey: a research questionnaire and smartphone application platform.

Forever Stories: life-story environment.

Curriculum Vitae


Name: Robert Adrianus de Leeuw Date of Birth: February 25th, 1982
Nationality: Dutch
Place of Birth: Numansdorp
BIG registration: 19912277201
ABG registration: 03307211

Date update CV: November 2021

2017 – present
Consulting gynecologist – Amsterdam University Hospital
specialized in minimal invasive, robotic and transgender surgery

2003 – present
Owner of IDEACT – a research support IT company
Specialized in research support and elearning

2014 - 2019
PhD degree beta faculty “Guiding the digital Educator”
Vrije University Amsterdam / Athena Institute

2014 – 2021
Board member of the Dutch Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy
responsible for Website en ICT portfolio

2013 – present
President of InterActive Publishing Foundation
An open access, interactive, medical, distance education foundation

2011 – 2017
Residency Obstrics & Gynaecology, (registration 01-03-2017)
Vrije University Amsterdam / Spaarne Gasthuis / SLAZ

2002 – 2009
Master of Science in Medical education
University of Amsterdam

2006 - 2009
Anatomy teaching assistant
University van Amsterdam - department Anatomy & Embryology

2006 - 2008
Developer COTS Program (Cholera Outbreak Training)
Development of a Cholera en Shigella e-learning, in collaboration of the ICDDR,B (Bangladesh), WHO en John Hopkins University Boston (VS).

2021 – present
President of the working group Curriculum
Responsible for implementation of new LOGO curriculum

2021 – present
Board member Digital Learning Environment evaluation platform
responsible for the national implementation of an elearning platform

2020 – 2021
Board member working group LOGO
Development of a new curriculum for gynecologist in training

2014 – 2021
Board member of the Dutch Society of Gynecological Endoscopy
Responsible for ICT, website and portfolio

2012 - 2014
Board member of the Association of Residents in Gynecology and Obstetrics
ICT implementation and Journal Club


2021 – present
faculty National Myoma course, Amsterdam

2020 – present
faculty National Gynecology Student group, Utrecht

2020 – 2021
advisory board DLO Amsterdam Skills Center

2018 – present
faculty basic laparoscopy course, Amsterdam

2018 – present
faculty international MUSA working group, Leuven

2016 – present
faculty advanced laparoscopy course, Amsterdam

2016 – present
faculty GET-UP course (international laparoscopy course), Rome

2019 – present
Co-promotor for 8 PhD students (ongoing)

Research grants
2019 Grant Samsung: 4DryField pilot study
2020 Grant Government: IDEACT development grant

Publications over 35 peer-reviewed publications, 8 book sections and 5 national publications
please find all current publications at:
Google Scholar profile.

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